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Get things done on time

Stop hampering your business with missed deadlines. Experience the ease of software launches that happen precisely when needed, accelerating your business progress.

Unlock captivating online presence

Reap the benefits of gripping websites that make a lasting impact, without having to build and maintain them yourself. Our WordPress mastery brings your vision to life, amplifying your online reach and engagement like never before.

Fuel growth with Laravel microservices

Ignite your business growth with agile, scalable microservices powered by Laravel expertise. Our solutions empower seamless expansion, ensuring your digital journey is flexible and future-proof.

Skyrocket your online visibility

Discover the true potential of your project through our performance-oriented web development accelerator. Witness a surge in search engine rankings that translates into organic traffic and valuable conversions, boosting your online success.

Seamlessly connect and integrate external solutions

Break down system silos with custom API solutions, ensuring smooth communication between different business platforms.

Stay ahead of the curve

Explore new cutting-edge AI technologies, insights, and efficiencies, propelling your business to new heights.

Our services

The Force Code offers specialized WordPress, Laravel and AI services to elevate your digital presence, improve website speed, and optimize performance.

Think of it as WordPress on steroids – an extraordinary fusion
of technology to bring your projects to the next level.

A perfect team:
WordPress and Laravel

Imagine a scenario where WordPress’s intuitive content management meets Laravel’s robust application development. It’s a collaboration that merges the strengths of both platforms, offering you a winning combination.

When certain parts of WordPress might not match the performance needs for real-world use, that’s where Laravel comes in. This collaboration lets you effortlessly blend the two, forming a solution that fits your exact needs.

Why is WordPress the correct choice for you?

In the dynamic landscape of web development, selecting a partner that knows how to choose the right platform is essential to ensure longevity, scalability, and continuous innovation.

We believe that WordPress stands as a beacon of technical excellence, driven by a robust network and an ever-evolving community that places it at the forefront of modern web solutions. After all, WordPress is currently being used by approximately 835 million websites! That’s about 43% of all the websites in existence today.

What makes WordPress stand out?

Continuous progress for timeless solutions

WordPress boasts a resilient network comprising a dedicated team
of developers who consistently refine and enhance its capabilities, ensuring that WordPress avoids becoming outdated.

Beyond its core developers, a large community of contributors focuses on the development of plugins, creating a balanced relationship that keeps the platform current with modern technology.

This continuous evolution guarantees that WordPress stays aligned with the latest advancements, such as utilizing PHP in its most optimal and secure form. By embracing innovation, WordPress lets us effortlessly incorporate the latest features and functionalities into your website, resulting in a more engaging and effective digital experience for your users.

A foundation of user-friendly excellence

With an extensive market share and countless websites and applications built on its foundation, WordPress remains synonymous with intuitive usability and user-friendliness.

Its popularity has not only led to an unparalleled ecosystem of plugins, but has also ensured its seamless integration with modern technologies. This makes working with APIs and third-party platforms smoother, leading to a more connected and impactful online space.

Empowering versatility for tailored solutions

People consistently turn to WordPress for various projects, from crafting bespoke applications to shaping unique digital experiences. The reason is simple: WordPress is a cost-effective production powerhouse.

Even for large-scale applications that may appear intricate, the flexibility of WordPress often results in substantial time and cost savings.

A solution for every scale

Can large enterprises truly benefit from WordPress’s prowess? Absolutely. The versatility of WordPress makes it a formidable choice for companies of varying sizes. For enterprises requiring quick landing pages and agile campaigns, WordPress shines, enabling swift development and deployment. Even for larger corporations in pursuit of advanced solutions, WordPress remains a prudent choice. For instance, one of the leading hosting companies in Poland bases its ordering system on a WordPress engine while serving several thousand customers.

Simply put, WordPress stands as a more cost-effective alternative to fully custom applications (often constructed from scratch in complex frameworks like Symfony), while offering as many benefits.

Moreover, WordPress emphasizes security and longevity. Applications developed within its framework receive ongoing updates, safeguarding them against potential vulnerabilities. This contrasts with the fate of applications rooted in other platforms, which may become stagnant without additional investment.

Why choose Laravel
for your web solution?

When it comes to web development, Laravel is a powerhouse. Whether you’re thinking about building large-scale applications or finely-tuned digital experiences, Laravel’s strength can get you there.

What is more, Laravel seamlessly aligns with WordPress to create an even more remarkable digital landscape. Let’s explore the benefits you’ll notice if your website is built with Laravel.

The Power of Laravel

Laravel isn’t just another framework; it’s a dynamic ecosystem designed to empower developers to create exceptional web applications.

With Laravel, we can build applications of varying sizes and complexities, adapting to the scope and nature of your project.

Laravel's versatility

One of Laravel’s greatest attributes is its flexibility. It excels not only in smaller applications but also scales effortlessly to handle larger and more intricate projects. When speed matters, Laravel’s built-in tools make development smoother, speeding up smaller projects.

However, when tackling bigger challenges, where standard functionalities might not suffice, Laravel’s adaptability shines through. Custom solutions can be easily woven into the framework, allowing you to create precisely what your project requires.

A supportive community

Using Laravel isn’t a solitary endeavor. It comes with an extensive treasure trove of technical documentation and a vibrant community that’s always ready to offer insights and support.

Whether it’s enhancing performance, refining code, or overcoming challenges, the Laravel community stands as a reliable partner, which makes development smoother.

Global growth and enduring technology

Laravel has secured its position on the international stage for a reason. This guarantees that the technology you choose today won’t be forgotten tomorrow.

At The Force Code, we’re not about following trends; we select the technologies that genuinely empower our clients. We choose the best tools available to engineer solutions that last.

Experience the potential of Laravel in tandem with WordPress – a perfect mix of intuitive content management and robust application development. This partnership, fortified by Laravel’s expansive capabilities, ensures that your web solutions not only meet but exceed your aspirations.

How to give your project
additional boost with API

In the world of modern web development, API integration stands as a gateway to seamless connectivity and expanded capabilities. What are its benefits and how does it align with WordPress to offer you a comprehensive and efficient solution?

API integration stands as a cornerstone of modern web development, particularly evident in the WordPress ecosystem’s emphasis on Progressive Web Applications (PWAs). PWAs, constructed using JavaScript, in our case VueJS with SPA (single page application), and SSR (server side rendering), streamline cross-device functionality and installation through a unified codebase. At the core of this innovation is the API interface, acting as a bridge between frontend and backend components.

Aligning with WordPress
for a cost-effective solution

WordPress serves as a backend for such applications, offering pre-configured templates, for instance blogs. By integrating an API through defined endpoints, our developers can swiftly create applications such as blog apps that draw data from a shared database.

Even for multiple websites or smaller interconnected applications, this approach proves efficient. It enables disparate apps to access a centralized database via the API, eradicating data redundancy and saving time and resources.

The true essence lies in the practicality and cost-effectiveness of this API-driven approach. By constructing a singular backend enhanced with an enabled REST API and explicit endpoints, developers can efficiently support numerous applications. This strategy not only aligns with the tenets of modern web development but also facilitates unified experiences across diverse devices.

How do we implement AI
in our services?

The most common way in which we integrate AI into our services relates to the power of REST API interfaces.

This sophisticated approach opens doors to seamless integration and transformative AI-powered experiences. Let’s dive into the details of how this works and the exceptional benefits it brings to you.

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Harnessing the potential of REST API interfaces communicating with AI

REST API interfaces pave the way for connecting various services effortlessly. Here’s how it unfolds: your website’s frontend engages with the backend, which then interacts with AI capabilities. The result? Information flows seamlessly, ultimately enhancing your website’s performance and delivering a dynamic user experience.

When a frontend application is developed as a distinct entity, it might not seamlessly communicate with the backend. By employing REST API interfaces, we bridge this gap, enabling smooth interactions between the frontend and the backend, creating a cohesive and powerful digital ecosystem.

AI magic at work

Imagine having a WordPress setup where most elements are crafted using conventional PHP methods. However, when it comes to pivotal components, like a customer panel, thanks to REST API interfaces, we can develop these elements as Javascript applications.

This ensures that such components not only function seamlessly but also provide an engaging and interactive user experience.

Your pathway to AI-powered excellence

So, what does this mean for you? If you’re aiming to leverage AI on your website or have future plans to integrate AI functionalities, you’re in capable hands.

We possess the expertise to seamlessly merge AI with your website. This fusion doesn’t just stop at integration; we ensure that AI works harmoniously with your technology stack, enhancing your website’s capabilities and future-proofing your digital presence.

Why should you choose us?

commitment extends beyond the project scope

At The Force Code, we believe in an individualized approach that caters to the uniqueness of each project. Our adaptability is a cornerstone of our service. That said, our commitment extends beyond the project scope; it encompasses the distinct needs of each client.

harmonious orchestration of all elements

Our clients can confidently entrust us with their projects, and they can rest easy, knowing that we will adeptly manage the entire process. Even when the path isn’t clear for our clients, and they can’t provide us with all the specifications of the project, we illuminate the way.

We offer expert guidance, directing attention to critical aspects, and suggesting the most advantageous directions. Our objective is a harmonious orchestration of all elements, skillfully avoiding potential pitfalls.

collaborative journey toward excellence

For us, the measure of success goes beyond financial metrics. It’s about celebrating our clients’ accomplishments. Their needs are not just addressed; they become our own. At The Force Code, it’s a collaborative journey toward excellence, where our ultimate goal is the success of our clients.

Success stories

Run Pixie: portal

RunPixie is transforming the running event photography industry by bridging the gap between runners and photographers. The platform caters to both runners and photographers, offering runners cost-effective packages for race photos and photographers the opportunity to generate income, even from individual races.

Revolutionizing Photo Sales for Running Events

Technologies we used:
WordPress, WooCommerce, VueJS SPA PWA, Laravel, Python/ML/AI

Our client faced the monumental challenge of efficiently managing a photo sales system for running events. This entailed allowing users to upload hundreds of thousands of photos simultaneously and then automatically generating WooCommerce products based on image analysis and race number identification. The primary hurdle was achieving top-notch speed and performance to ensure that photos were available for sale within 24 hours after each event, which typically generated 100-200 thousand photos.

With that challenge in mind, we devised a multi-faceted solution that centered on architectural innovation.

  • WordPress & WooCommerce (REST API): We leveraged WordPress to create a platform for generating products and managing sales.
  • VueJS SPA PWA (+ WP REST API): A progressive web application (PWA) was crafted for photographers, empowering them to upload photos, earn commissions from album sales, and manage their accounts seamlessly. This application included a virtual wallet for commission withdrawals and comprehensive management capabilities accessible through the WordPress panel.
  • Laravel Microservice: For resource-intensive tasks within the WordPress system, we employed a dedicated Laravel microservice. This microservice employed queuing mechanisms and communicated via REST API to ensure efficient execution of critical functionalities.
  • Successful Implementation: We successfully addressed the client’s complex requirements, delivering a system that efficiently handled high-volume photo uploads, analysis, product generation, and substantial website traffic.
  • Client’s Sales Success: With our solution in place, the client achieved remarkable sales success. Photos from running events were consistently available for sale within the critical 24-hour window, satisfying the needs of both the event participants and photographers. This contributed significantly to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.


Domenomania.pl has been operating continuously in the market since 2004. In that time, it has become one of the largest providers of hosting services and domain registrars in Poland, primarily serving small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals.

Transforming Legacy Systems for Enhanced Efficiency

Technologies we used:
Laravel, Nova, VueJS SPA, WordPress

The client needed to rejuvenate their entire application ecosystem by developing a new system version while retaining the existing mechanisms. Making sure the new system is seamlessly integrated into their existing infrastructure without disrupting current users was a priority – and introducing new modules without interrupting ongoing operations was crucial.

  • Business and Technical Documentation: We meticulously documented the new system version using reverse engineering techniques. Our implementation strategy ensured that the transition was smooth and inconspicuous to clients.
  • Revamped Application Architecture: We overhauled the application architecture, introducing an administrative panel with microservices using cutting-edge technologies:
    • Laravel + Nova: This included an advanced helpdesk system.
    • WordPress: We strategically integrated key aspects of the application with Laravel microservices, leveraging WordPress as the administrative panel for an advanced knowledge center accessible only through a dedicated encryption interface from the Laravel panel.
  • Customer Panel: We developed a VueJS SPA-based customer panel, seamlessly communicating with other services through a REST API interface.
  • Sales Application: Utilizing WordPress & WooCommerce, we crafted a sales application with a classic frontend, enhanced with VueJS CDN. It communicated efficiently through REST API with the entire system’s services.
  • Enhanced UX/UI Conversion Rates: Abandoned shopping carts decreased by 30%.
  • Technological Advancements: Our migration to modern technologies noticeably increased the speed of all applications while concurrently optimizing server resource consumption.
  • Increased Productivity and Intuitiveness: Employees, particularly those in roles such as helpdesk and management, experienced substantial productivity and intuitiveness enhancements. These improvements led to a notable boost in operational efficiency, making a profound impact on our client’s business.


Gamehag is a global platform dedicated to a vast community of gamers, providing quick access to games and offering rewards in exchange for completing specific tasks. With a user base of over 7 million gamers, Gamehag has connected enthusiasts worldwide to immersive gaming experiences.

Overcoming Challenges for Unprecedented Growth

Technologies we used:
Laravel, Nova, VueJS

As the system’s popularity surged, it encountered notable performance problems. The primary goal was to analyze the existing system infrastructure and optimize it to seamlessly accommodate 10,000,000 monthly users without performance degradation. Simultaneously, rapid growth led to administrative issues, especially in error detection, a problem that was nearly absent during low-traffic periods. That said, something else turned out to be the top priority – effectively countering fraudulent activity. That’s because alongside traffic growth, a substantial increase in user fraud posed a pressing concern.

  • Performance Optimization: Our team conducted an in-depth analysis of the infrastructure and code, along with exhaustive user traffic studies. Using these insights, we devised a comprehensive plan to modify code modules and restructure the database.
  • UX/UI Transformation for the Admin Panel: We meticulously evaluated available data and completely redesigned the admin panel. This involved rethinking data structures and emphasizing user-centric presentation, ensuring smooth, dynamic handling of numerous simultaneous users.
  • Fraud Detection Enhancement: Our experts performed extensive, long-term analysis of incoming traffic and expanded existing mechanisms for fraud prevention.
  • Performance Optimization: We achieved seamless service performance, comfortably supporting traffic spikes of up to 10 million monthly users.
  • Enhanced Admin Panel Usability: The upgraded admin panel significantly boosted employee productivity, resulting in increased revenue through improved product management practices.
  • Improved Fraud Detection: Notably, there was a 21% increase in the detection of fraudulent activity, even with a multimillion-user traffic load.

How do we work

Understanding your project

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Project Launch


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Mateusz Szuściak


Rafał Jaseniuk


Anna Warnkowska

Recruitment Department

Eugeniusz Paprocki

Lead UI/UX Designer

+ a ton of talented frontend and backend developers, designers, and AI experts
who will be happy to work with you


We made sure to use a mix of technologies perfect for projects of any size. For quick development on smaller projects, WordPress excels, leveraging its user-friendly interface and efficient tools.

If your needs grow slightly larger and require both speed and customization, combining WordPress and Laravel yields a dynamic solution. Laravel comes into its own for intricate projects, offering unparalleled backend flexibility and scalability. That said, these are all backend solutions. In terms of the frontend, when dealing with REST APIs and frontend interactivity, JavaScript is essential. Vanilla JS serves well for simpler applications, ensuring speed without added complexities. In more complex projects, we also use Vue.js.

There’s no application too complex for Laravel’s capabilities.

The key to quality coding lies in the skill of the developer. Just as any language can produce subpar results in the hands of an inexperienced developer, our seasoned team guarantees well-crafted applications, every time.

At The Force Code, project estimation begins with a thorough understanding of your application’s scope. Accurate estimates hinge on our grasp of your project and technical analysis.

Without the right information, rough estimates can vary significantly. Our process involves collecting project details, and envisioning its appearance and behavior in various scenarios. We then conduct mental simulations, research, and architectural planning using our expertise. If we’ve tackled a similar project previously, estimation becomes smoother. Each module is simulated mentally by the person doing the estimation.

Typically, we use an Excel sheet to organize the project into modules, technologies, and distinguish between backend, frontend, AI, etc. Provided we receive all the necessary client information, we can share estimates within 2 to 5 days, assuming a collaborative approach.

The short answer is, we need as much information as you can provide.
Sometimes our clients come to us with a list of detailed functionalities they need. Then we estimate the cost, finalize an agreement for the project amount, and proceed accordingly.

But there are other cases where clients might present just a broad outline of their needs. Sharing this initiates our collaboration, which is billed hourly in sprints. Following a preliminary estimate, we collaborate to shape the app’s design and functionalities.

Our technical and business experts are there every step of the way, to assist in defining necessary aspects. There are even instances when clients bring a half-page concept, and together, we develop it strategically and technically.
Regardless of which scenario happens, our goal is to transform your ideas into a successful reality.

Choosing The Force Code means obtaining more than just development. It’s a partnership that extends beyond.

We work closely with you to devise maintenance packages that ensure your digital ecosystem remains secure, optimized, and responsive. Our team dedicates hours to fine-tuning performance, addressing updates, and fortifying your digital infrastructure. Moreover, we understand the significance of growth. That’s why we can earmark dedicated hours for expansion, allowing your platform to evolve in line with your aspirations.

Yes. Every app we create is a masterpiece of efficiency. It opens in an instant, and is designed so Google loves it.

But the app’s inner workings matter, as that’s what Google sees. We know how the code should look so that the app can later scale, and we know how to make sure it displays perfectly. Our apps are built for long-lasting success, and our app-building approach is seamlessly linked to maintenance. This ensures your digital space always shines. Google (and other search engines) value websites that keep track of the necessary updates, taking them into account.

Essentially, if you update your website regularly, Google will reward your efforts and your site’s ranking will be boosted. Our SEO optimization package ensures your website is up to date with all the updates. You end up with an app that’s efficient, Google-approved, and built for future growth.

By leveraging AI and machine learning, your business can become more efficient, customer-focused, and data-driven, ultimately leading to improved profitability and growth.

From enhancing your customer experience with the use of AI-powered product recommendation systems, through optimizing pricing by adjusting product prices in real-time based on factors like competition and demand, to easily analyzing customer reviews and feedback, identifying trends and valuable insights, the opportunities are endless.

Regardless of the specifics of your project, there will certainly be room for improvements using AI.

Our approach is always rooted in transparent communication, as lack of transparency can hinder success in working together.

That said, if a client has any doubts or reservations, we prioritize even more conversations. At every stage, including each functionality release, thorough discussions take place. This communication involves tracking progress and making estimations.

For any clients thinking about collaboration, it’s advisable to address potential concerns upfront. This proactive strategy fosters clarity. We also embrace a sprint-based project management method, engaging in bi-weekly discussions to assess progress, tackle obstacles, and devise solutions. Communication is key; if there are any projected delays, we openly discuss them, every step of the way.

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